Warrior Rush: Realm Escape

Race through thrilling levels, outmaneuver obstacles, and vie for top scores in this high-stakes blockchain adventure.

Dive into an exhilarating crypto gaming experience with Warrior Rush: Realm Escape! Compete for high scores, collect unique NFTs, and enjoy a game that’s built for both fun and future potential. Ready to embark on your adventure?

Main Features:
🌟 High Score Challenge: Strive to have the best high score and win a share of the pool! πŸ† The top 3 players will be rewarded:

πŸ₯‡1st Place: 40%
πŸ₯ˆ2nd Place: 15%
πŸ₯‰3rd Place: 10%

πŸ”’ Secure In-Game Tokens: Play with in-game tokens only, ensuring no loss in value over time.

🦸 Diverse Characters: Choose from 20 unique characters, each with distinct abilities and strengths.

🎟 Exclusive NFTs: Own one of the 10,000 limited NFTs available in 3 different tiers.

βš”οΈ Class-Based Strategy: Characters are divided into 5 distinct classes, allowing for strategic gameplay.

🌐 Cross-Game Integration: The NFTs you collect in Warrior Rush will be usable in another upcoming game later in 2024!

πŸ’° Early Bird Discounts: Enjoy discounted prices on NFTs until the launch of our next game.

πŸ… Win Bonus NFTs: Stand a chance to win an NFT for another exciting game, DRIP Marble Run, launching this late summer.

Project Development

🟒 Status: Online 🟒

Phase 1 (%)




Status: Online

Platform: WebGL (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox)

  • Desktop computer
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Minimum configuration required:
    • i5
    • GeForce
    • 8GB RAM
  • Not recommended on Mobile (scheduled for Phase 2)