DRIP Garden Farm

🌱 Where Crypto Meets Cultivation:
Nurturing Your Digital Garden in 3D Splendor

⚠️ Due to the end of the DRIP Faucet, the DRIP Garden is not used anymore ⚠️

DRIP Garden Farm
is an innovative and interactive platform that seamlessly merges the world of the DRIP Garden Smart Contract with virtual 3D environment. This project allows users to connect their crypto wallets and engage in a unique experience where they can nurture and visualize their digital assets in a playful and immersive way.

🧙‍♂️ 3D Character Selection: Users have the option to choose from a selection of four charming 3D characters that will serve as their virtual companions throughout their journey.

🌍 Virtual 3D Environment: DRIP Garden Farm creates an immersive 3D environment where users can interact with their chosen character and experience their digital plants in a visually stunning, interactive setting.

🌱 Plant Evolution: Users can watch their plants evolve and grow, and the 3D environment adapts to reflect the health and maturity of these digital assets.

Project Development

⚠️ Status: Obsolete ⚠️

Phase 1 (%)



Images are for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent the actual game.


Status: Obsolete

Platform: WebGL (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox)

  • Desktop computer
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Minimum configuration required:
    • i5
    • GeForce
    • 8GB RAM
  • Not recommended on Mobile